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Hey, we have beez!!! Thousands of them! Can you see the Queen? 



But we still really love all the other animals we have. Especially these two, which are having a wonderful April day just haning out on top of the bathtub.

Breaking Ground

When the sun comes out the to-do list grows as quick as the grass, which is really exciting.  Beth and I just got into the lower fields for the first time today and it felt SO good. The potential becomes so much more real once the ground has been broken. To break ground we used our NEW Kabota tractor (!!!!) to run a chisel plow and a really nice set of discs that we found on the property. They work really well, but are pretty rusty and will need a little TLC, a few cans of WD-40 and some new bolts if we want them to keep working after this season. The quackgrass made it pretty difficult for the chisel Plow and the discs, but nothin a little repetition can’t fix. 🙂

We’ve also put in a ton of hours building our greenhouse and there are a ton of little lettuces that are really happy to be in the ground. Soon it will be full with the 8 types of Tomatoes we’ve started in the greenhouse!

Creek Restoration

Today we had a work party to do some creek restoration. We learned that although many hands don’t make light work, they do get ALOT done. We reclaimed this creek and will soon plant some native plants.


The creek runs through alot of the property, so if you missed out today, DON’T PANIC, I’m sure there will be more chances to help out