The Farm

Welcome to SkyRoot Farm!

2017 marks the 6th season of production at SkyRoot Farm!

You can find us all summer long at the Bayview Farmers Market

SkyRoot Farm practices are based on an ecosystem approach to land management and agriculture.  Although veggies are our main focus, we are integrating animals into the farm: goats help push back the walls of blackberry to reclaim old fences, ducks control the slug population, and our poultry builds the soil and controls weeds.  We build our soil so that it can support healthy crops.

This summer, SkyRoot is building on projects we started last year, including raising pastured poultry,  training new farmer interns through the WA State Farm Internship Pilot Project, and installing a new wash station and clay oven.

With some crowd-funding campaign support (thank you!), we are installing a walk-in cooler, and new greenhouse.

Your support — as a community member and customer — helps SkyRoot continue to grow dirt, plant veggies, and share them with you.

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