The Farm

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Our fifth growing season is a very exciting one!  We have secured our future on this beautiful land and can now move forward with more projects related to our long-term visions for the farm system.  We of course have more ideas than we could possibly execute in one season, but we will be expanding the animal population (pigs, new laying hens, turkeys, meat chickens AND baby goats!), planting rhubarb and fruit trees, and improving infrastructure on the farm.  All of this means that it is more helpful than ever for you to support the farm by signing up early for the CSA to help us with cash flow during the early part of the year.  We will also be back in our spot at the Bayview Farmers Market from 10-2 on Saturdays starting April 30th.

As farm partners we share the approach of thinking of the farm as an ecosystem and hold that at the forefront of our operation.  Although veggies are our main product we are working hard to integrate animals into the farm: our goats help us push back the walls of blackberry to reclaim old fences, our ducks help control the slug population, and we were really excited last fall to have our young chickens weed and fertilize our corn field, with the corn plants providing protection from aerial predators!  We strive to grow delicious vegetables, build our soil and create a successful business.

We practice agriculture thoughtfully – the worms, insects, bacteria and fungi on our farm agree that our growing practices are worth standing by!  Check out our Facebook page for more photos of the farm, and if you’d like to know more about our specific growing practices please come speak with us or send us an e-mail.