What We’re Reading

In addition to producing great dirt and veggies, SkyRoot believes in sharing ecological thought.

Last Spring, we hosted a reading series at the SkyRoot Farm House on Weds evenings, an early potluck, followed by discussion each Wednesday.

If you want to follow along with some of the previous readings, here’s what led us on some lively discussion.



Week 1 – Why Farm?  What is it that has brought you into the world of growing food?

  •     For this week please check out this Gene Logsdon essay on Why I Farm
  •     And this essay by Wendell Berry

Week 2 – Farm Planning!   We’re going to dive into the world of crop rotation, farm planning, succession planting.   To prepare for the evening please read CH 6 & 7 from Elliot Coleman’s The New Organic Grower

Week 3 – Working with Transplants and Soil Blocks

Week 4 – Compost Theory and Practice

Week 5 – Soils – heck!

Week 6 – Soils.  Wait, there’s more!  Testing – Amending – Improving – readings – TBA – but check this out if you love dirt.