Spring Reading Group

Here are the links to readings for this coming series:

In general we will meet at the SkyRoot Farm House – Wednesdays – @5:30 – for potluck followed by discussion – starting at 7.    We will aim to end each evening by 8:15 but staying late for darts/b-ball is always welcome.  Our first session will be Wednesday April 3rd.

Week 1 – Why Farm?  What is it that has brought you into the world of growing food?

  •     For this week please check out this Gene Logsdon essay on Why I Farm
  •     And read this essay by Wendell Berry

Week 2 – Farm Planning!   We’re going to dive into the world of crop rotation, farm planning, succession planting.   To prepare for the evening please read CH 6 & 7 from Elliot Coleman’s The New Organic Grower

Week 3 – Working with Transplants and Soil Blocks

Week 4 – Compost Theory and Practice

Week 5 – Soils – heck!

Week 6 – Soils – wait – there’s more!