Virtual Farmstand

What it isThrough the virtual farmstand we are offering a ‘fresh list’ containing consistent staples (lettuce, cooking greens, roots) and a rotating selection of seasonal items (tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, winter squash, etc.), similar to what’s offered in our CSA.

How it works: The ‘fresh list’ will be e-mailed on a weekly basis.  You choose what items you want, and in what quantity.  The schedule changes somewhat seasonally, but generally order pick-up is on Wednesday on the farm or in Freeland.  During the peak season we may also offer a Saturday pick-up.   The cost of your order will be deducted from your account and your account balance will be shown on the receipt on your box.

Who: If you’re planning on traveling much of the summer, can’t eat a full CSA share of veggies in a week, or maybe just prefer the flexibility to choose exactly what you get, then the Virtual Farmstand is a perfect match for you! To sign up, please fill out the form below. 

Sign up here.

Please fill out the sign-up form (above) before providing payment.

If you appreciate the work we’re doing and anticipate regular orders from the Virtual Farmstand, please consider paying up front for multiple orders, similar to signing up for a CSA share at the beginning of the season. We are keenly aware that access to good food is not equitable and not everyone can afford to pay in advance. We want everyone to be able to eat as many vegetables as possible, so paying each week will remain an option. However, if you have the means, even paying for two weeks at a time lessens our administration burden and is much appreciated. If you have any questions about how we track customers’ vegetable accounts, please get in touch.

Checks can be dropped off on the farm, at our Freeland drop site, or mailed:
SkyRoot Farm
7297 Bailey Rd
Clinton WA 98236

Or you can deposit electronically through PayPal (Price includes a processing fee):

How much would you like to deposit?