Spring Reading Group

The farm is hosting a spring reading group for some south end folks – this past evening we reflected on what has brought us to farming.   Lots of things bring me here, but here is a poem that I wrote about why I farm – at least why I’m farming today!

Why I Farm…

Because onetime, backpacking with teens,
I saw one look forward, unknowningly at the curtain of green.
She found it fearful, unyielding, closed.
Today i watched a cormorant poop and dive.
Most birds poop before flying.
Are the mechanics of diving down perhaps like flying Up?
The cormorant returned to the surface
with a juvenile salmon flashing against the grey waterscape.

Its simple then – in this light.

I farm because I’m not a good fisherman
Because at the end of a long struggle
I confess I am lousy with math.
Now, dogged and desprite
I have a lot – riding – on vegetables.

I farm because in an age of too much, too soon, too fast
with an ethic of buy now. pay later
dirt, sunshine, fungus
Too much (dirt)
Too little (sun)
Too complex (fungus)

Beckons me – slow down, play, touch, smell… pay attention. Be present.
Right here. Breath deep – right now.

I farm because – it seems to me – it matters.
Otherwise I live the grand distraction
Of a career in which I know all the wrong things do.

That is it. It matters
I farm because it it is the only way I know
to be honest in confronting epic global change.
It is the best way I know how to alive and humble.

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About Eli

SkyRoot Farm is run by farm partners Eli Wheat and Arwen Norman. Care for the soil is at the heart of our sustainable farming practice. We believe that rather than 1 farmer for every 50 people we need 1 farmer for every 10 people. Summed up our philosophy on farming is: lots of farmers, working small farms, educating consumers, sustaining rural communities and consistently fine tuning integrated, sustainable food production.