The Farm

SkyRoot Farm is a 20 acre farm on South Whidbey Island. Right now we are watching our starts grow and are patiently waiting for the alder and maple trees to leaf out so that we know spring is on its way. We have periodic work parties and invite you to watch our website (and/or join our e-mail listserve) to know when we are having our workparties. You can read about the events of the recent work party below!  Thanks for reading.

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About Eli

SkyRoot Farm is located on the property of the SkyRoot community. The farm is run by farm partners Elizabeth Wheat, Arwen Norman and Anna Petersons. Care for the soil is at the heart of our sustainable farming practice. We believe that rather than 1 farmer for every 50 people we need 1 farmer for every 10 people. Summed up our philosophy on farming is: lots of farmers, working small farms, educating consumers, sustaining rural communities and consistently fine tuning integrated, sustainable food production.