work party!

Many thanks to the folks who came out to the farm for our welcome spring work party!   Welcome spring we did!   I guess that there were about 70 people who stopped by and lent a hand.   An unbelievable amount of work was accomplished.   Here is a short list:

  • 50′ of new blackberry removed.
  • a gazillion native shrubs and 5 cedar trees planted along the creek.
  • 6, 112′ beds were dug in preparation for potato planting.
  • 4 planting beds were double dug in classic deep bed style.
  • 1.5 tons (give or take a little) of rock were removed from the field and carted in the truck to a new home.
  • the truck tire went flat…the truck tire was repaired.
  • a new door was hung in the barn.
  • the barn was prepared for the spring scarlet runner bean crop.
  • we found a killer wheel hoe from ages past buried in the blackberry (and a stirrup hoe).
  • lunch was served to everyone (many thanks to Joanne’s family)

The whole day was finished off by a potluck supper and dance at the Clinton Community center.   It was really magnificent to see all of the people gathered to help us begin our farm and to feel such support from so many people.



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SkyRoot Farm is located on the property of the SkyRoot community. The farm is run by farm partners Elizabeth Wheat, Arwen Norman and Anna Petersons. Care for the soil is at the heart of our sustainable farming practice. We believe that rather than 1 farmer for every 50 people we need 1 farmer for every 10 people. Summed up our philosophy on farming is: lots of farmers, working small farms, educating consumers, sustaining rural communities and consistently fine tuning integrated, sustainable food production.